Before I became a mother, I was quite a mountain bike enthusiast. So I cycled from Vlaardingen to Rotterdam and of course that was easier for me. I’ve always liked to be able to bike and experience the freedom of nature.

For a Zimbabwean girl who grew up in a country where natural nature predominated, then this was the only compensation I had then. Only cycling during spring, summer and maybe autumn by luck when not too windy or raining.

The first time was exciting, you know that moment where you between people is already a road bike at home, who know all the talk of the racing bike world and obviously know the best rhythm of spinning.

I loved the music immediately! Rhythm indeed plays an important role in music combined with spinning. I liked it so much I still wanted to make a part of it every week.

The feeling of racing as a sport began in 1997 when I just came for a year in the Netherlands was from Zimbabwe. I was invited by one of my classmates to go to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where I first Le Tour de France saw.

I was given time to buy a road bike and this feeling has also been strengthened by my husband who also has a Bianchi bike. We then cycled occasionally small circles in Vlaardingen, Schiedam and the Westland. We really liked it, now it also connects us, because we can occasionally together in nature, especially in Nieuwkoop where we live now.

delicious all those cows and farms My road bike is not the newest, but he drives it img_0204
My first baby was born by caesarean section and the second too. I noticed that I really could therefore exercise and exercise more difficult.

Because after the second pregnancy I wanted to spin again and did it anyway, we already lived in The Hague.

Are there any fears or obstacles?

I say yes anyway, because I still remember the first time I stepped on my road bike, I was almost everyone I encountered viewed. It was as if there was something new arise.

What I also do not forget to say that this also played much in me because I somehow feeling that I live in a society where they quickly judge each other. This is not because they can do something about because the fashion or fashion or industry and brands determine this much for us. If a brand can determine what type of person or a particular activity is appropriate? In this case racing.

Yes I do think that I have never seen a full figured woman on road bike while I quite think there are plenty who can do this. Many strong women would be allowed cycling best.

There cyclist no adequate and appropriate clothing sizes are available for anyone who has larger size, while cycling a hobby sport where you can also use it to finally feel fit.

What then is a woman full curves? Not cycling?

None of it, I can! And I have a pretty big size in terms of clothing. We are true that my body is very beautiful fitted and therefore do not always fit the cyclist trousers and long shirts. Do you know why? then the shirt still keep creeping up.


In existing stores where you really can fit cycling clothes, there are for example only shorts that fall just above your full buttocks. Even if you do a long sweat shirt, the pants still sagging, because the type of movement you make while riding while the shirt also es up.

The idea behind my story is:

Because we really are accustomed to certain things to see if, for example, so-called cute clothes are beautiful with a slim woman, so this slender woman or man is the only well that we see on a road bike. So, this kind of image seen as the ideal. That we do people like me or people who would like to cycling short.

have good condition and are slim, are two different concepts. When I walked in I felt it viewed a little spinning space at a gym in Leidschenveen. When I was even more robust after the birth of my second. So I had quite tight spinning clothes. Luckily I was able to receive and accept the eyes until I bewees.Maar imagine that someone who absolutely can not stand. Now you know why I write this?

But that would not do it? Especially if someone would like to be fitter, you will still sit comfortably in your sportswear? Or does the environment where you do sports activities?

I thought given moment, something has to be done this, this late, but for many other people, especially women who want to exercise and exercise likes and hampers are then no longer dare to do what they really want to do.

For me everything starts with appropriate sizes then there may be other obstacles but everything has to happen in this regard!

Even if you get enough supply because there are few asked, I find that account should be taken of any built-up people who love this sport / hobby.

Let's talk about it, thank you for your contribution

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