Are we really educated?

I know what we all think about being educated. But never forget that even if your wall at home, your office is full of those diplomas. We still need to build up experience,how to deliver the knowledge. I feel and see arrogance sometimes around me such that the so called educated isolate themselves from the crowd that actually need to know and learn. In the end you find the so called educated discussing on their own competing and sadly enough the one that needs the education are still waiting and being neglected. We need to be careful not to forget to make a chart where all those expensive words are broken down. Even though we all know that ignorance is choice in times on internet. Not everyone has the access and not to forget that not everyone has knowledge on how and where to search Example. Not everyone knows the difference between evolution,revolution,reformation,activism and culturalism not to forget politics. Sometimes you read or hear about missionaries and colonists. A good idea to know whether there is a difference.

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