What is falling in love

What is #love? In one of our videos we touched love in different ways. I remember one of guests explaining it as it is and should probably be.
We all have certain people we are attracted to and whom we do attract. These people are either those who may fulfill what we lack in our lives. This depends on how long and how much experience you have with these people.
However there are those particular people who are #attractive from outside, depending on what you would call attractive and the society influences you on what it means to be attractive, therefore this can be very personal for every individual. You tend to feel attracted and are prepared to get to know them better because there is this #infactuation #feeling troubling you, to want to be around those people and maybe even do something intimacy with them. You may not know whether these feelings are strong enough to take the first step or not at all. Or whether its mutual. Whether you are a woman or a man, it now depends on how you were raised culturally. In some parts of the world a woman would give signs to the man and wait until he takes the first step. Nowadays it’s very common that a man lays back and wait until the #woman does the work. It all depends really on how the society influences you again. But in the world where human are not too conditioned, where men and #women still feel naturally, where the instincts are still strong, people know immediately that someone is feeling attracted to them. These people are those who still are organic. Like explained in one of my videos, about #organic #lifestyle. #People who who choose to live a natural lifestyle.
The most exciting way is when you feel attracted to someone you have seen coming into your life without both of you expecting that anything may turn to be chemistry. Then the #chemistry become love,……to be continued. Because we all want to know how #teenagers feel and handle this. A group of teenagers in The Netherlands asked me to write this piece after I had a long conversation about how they are now falling in love and I was telling them my own experience. They felt fascinated by the way I was telling them already.


  1. Beautiful subject, and a feeling the whole world needs especially in these days when nothing seems certain except death and taxes of course. Love feels magical, love is unexplainable love is a reassurance either spoken or none spoken that you receive and share with that individual that somehow occupies a space in your head day and night during happy and sad times the one person you want to share with the good,the bad, the ugly, and crazy laughs from life experiences that we go through everyday.
    Love is when you are so ensync with someone that you know their reactions and responses to whatever is thrown at them or you without you talking to them.Love is when you know that person is there and that they got you emotionally & spiritually. That simple subtle intense glance into your eyes they give you or that smile that makes your heart flutter that person that gives you reason to get up improve yourself and makes you want to learn more to be the best version of your self the one that puts a spring in your step and makes you love yourself more. I could go on forever being the hopeless romantic individual that I know I am but I’m going to stop now handingaipedze topic iyi.
    Thank you for inviting me to share what I feel and know love to be. As I do not take lightly how kind the universe has been to me to bring him into my life. 🎉💋🇿🇼

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  2. Wow,brilliant piece! It brings many memories to life. I can relate on the second type of chemistry where one will be feeling for the person but then not sure if the feeling is mutual. Normally it takes time to confess your feelings to them because you wouldn’t know their reaction,the worst response you’ll be fearing is for them to run away from you and block all forms of communication. So it takes time but then personally i took a step and told myself that what ever she says,at least she’ll have known how i feel for her and it worked,it was so liberating. She responded positively 😻 ,good thing she’s a thick queen, the fulfillment is heavenly! So I’d say it’s best to let people know what and how you feel of them.

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