Vulnerable people are truly lovers

People who easily show their love, who doesn’t keep it inside are the best parents. If you calculate the amount of love you give or distribute among st your children, then the chance is higher that you cannot fully or truly love. Be that person who say it out when you feel it. Especially to your children because they need to learn to love in the future.
Translation to this is, never be ashamed to show your feelings to anyone especially when those feelings are genuine.

Image may contain: Melissa Budding, smiling, standing and text

Children need to know vulnerability not toughness, because no one likes tough people. Being vulnerable is even more difficult than being tough.
Being vulnerable is therefore stronger, because some people may end up mistaken vulnerable for weakness and abuse that. So be careful with those people who show true love, because they are not easy to break. I am not a quiet one, I am vulnerable and can be very shy, when you know me well. So far a few know me. And only one is allowed press those buttons. The deeper untouchable feelings, are indeed too holy to be touched by everyone. The vulnerability you show to public, during your work or to strangers that you may care about is totally different from when you show it to the buttons holder. Both behaviors are genuine but different. I always share genuineness but does not mean I have fallen
I cannot share this with everyone, neither do just anyone deserves this?
In the Humansbonded I have explained Vulnerability and weakness, why those two are different.


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