Ziva kwawakabva

A lot of us make a big mistake even with our children when taking pictures, even when visiting other people. We always ask them to smile. Smile has not been seen as something that everyone should do, if you dont smile you are otherwise you are showing negative emotions. I do not believe in that. People should be able to show their emotions even through their face expressions are not showing a smile. You cannot judge whether someone is happy from inside by their smile
We are now living in a world where people end up keeping up appearances because they are afraid to share reality. There is always someone waiting to tell them to stop crying or stop screaming and start laughing. How many people here are hiding their real feelings waiting to share them with the right person who may not be even there.
Stay real and do not let social media, or other people expect too much from you than you can give.
Same applies to what people call sunshine as the best weather and every other weather type is not good enough.
When it comes to ziva kwawakabva I mean what we eat, what we wear, whom we get along with and what we leave behind as an example to our children.
#beinghuman #humanrace #humanature #smile #instasunset #instasmile #selfie #beautiful #sunshine #weather #teachonereachone #respectyourroots

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