The Dangers of today’s society.

Whilst we were discussing about love, affection and genuineness, we came to a point when we realized that the world has totally changed. A few are trying to bring the world back where it was, but it’s rather too late for some. We kind of fall into mistakes of victims.
Whilst you think you are still the most protected and humble, an enemy is targeting you from a hidden corner. Just think of an animal planet documentary on television where animals live together and at the same time being a danger to one another. Even though there is so much manipulation in the animal world where the humans try to control them, the natural animals in the nature know exactly who their enemy is and where the danger is. They then create special tricks to avoid danger, and they probably smell it. Animals do not have to be in a relationship for them to enjoy, they have fun and make more animals and protect one another whenever needed. They teach their children how to fight or avoid danger.

People of today have become very individualistic and egocentric. Despite the fact that some humans still try to be organic and humble. Enough danger is watching them, the most dangerous humans always like to have the best. They then recognize the best. Its those wo can spend months of years studying their target. Some already know that there are possibilities for them, so they try by all means to maintain a certain relationship with the target. Because they have been studying a lot about what that certain target would like to hear, they then come to attack, saying exactly what concurrs with target’s beliefs.

Without a shame they even challenge you in many ways by the things that the target already know.  Those people make their target fall in love with them or their product in order to take control.
This is how people are practicing entrepreneurship today, this is how people are practicing capitalism today, and this is how people fall in love with someone who does not love them but the opportunities they might get through you.
High time people try to look at the high human technology with a closer eye from a closer angle. Check twice before you sign. Check twice before you say yes, and learn to control your feelings, because the second agenda is a real story. The genuine suffer. That’s the translation.

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