Be True to yourself before preaching truth

A lot of people have no idea what empathy and self reflection is like. I think the world on it’s own is bad at the moment. Looking at how many people came to Europe for greener pastures and how many of them got married for visas, stable lifestyles, and of course leaving Africa believing that anywhere else is better.

Be honest to yourself, if you are in Europe right now and you cant afford to go home or pay your own created bills or debts.

You cannot laugh at some or even compare that person with anyone before you are able to look at your situation first. If I read what no one speaks about themselves except what others are doing. As long as you are not showing the world who you are, never except the world to help you.
We are so good in judging other peoples situations as a form of projecting our problems on them. Be honest to yourself first before you start to even convince the people that you can help them.
Let alone trying to be a leader, yet you laugh at such people who are in need of your help. People are suffering from psychological issues, because of the situations that they are in. How many are they? Do you have an idea. Have you really looked at your own situation to create space to empathetic ally understand them?

My neighbors were here last night to celebrate my daughters birthday and we started talking about Brexit, EU and Africa and the rest of the world. They too think foreigners and refugees should go back to their countries. They had reasons. Reasons that they believe it’s TRUE. Why they do believe that they live in the first World is because we gave them the privilege to feel that they are better than us.
Their own system keeps them ignorant about what is going own in their world. Their world has always been kept ignorant. African history as an example

All of you who think to Liberate Africa, those are good intentions, but surprisingly you also feel free to speak rubbish about the countries you were born in. You speak junk about the people who carry your skin color. But in contradiction to that you would like to lead them.  Someone is standing right in front of you , the woman, the man you are laughing about. The other world is still begging.

Putting out a message is different from practicing it. For as long as you cannot bring over your message whilst you are in the country where you were born, you are lying to yourself.

Most of us are not yet there. People complain about racism yet they discriminate and mistreat their own people. It’s not only those who beat others physically, but those who beat others mentally, claiming and justifying that it’s a way of making people strong. No human should suffer, no human should bully, no human can claim to be a leader when you cant lead by example.

Some claim to be world gurus yet they are selective on the type of humans they believe in, love, or convince. You cannot lead when you cant speak truth like Malema does. You cannot lead when you do not respect your own folks no matter how STUPID they may appear to you.
Do not forget, racists are not only white people against blacks, we have racists amongst ourselves and that what we call beating ourselves, self hate, and no self compassion at all. When you see yourself claiming to be an African yet you use your own people for your own good, then,…..

You cannot lead when you cannot forgive. You cannot claim to be holy when you cant feel the pain inside people suffering. You cannot lead when you cant practice empathy. You cant lead when you copy and paste and keep repeating  what has been said before, rather reach out, compliment, give credit and work together. There is no cultures full of competition because you are copying and pasting what you are already criticizing. Westernized entrepreneurship.

You cannot lead when you cant see good in every human or at least try, no matter what they once did wrong in the past. Do not forget that you aren’t perfect either

Leading is not waiting, leading is practicing. I can go on but people are sleeping, and those who claim to be awake are abusing people



  1. Reblogged this on Samaita Mutasa and commented:
    The greatest enemy of Africans are Africans themselves followed by other races. It’s so sad but a brutal reality we have to face. Once we revive the African pride, we unite and help each other in place of hating each other, lifting each other in place of laughing at each other then will we be the richest continent we should be.

    We have a vast vaults of resources, if Africa was to disappear from nowhere,the world wouldn’t last past 50 years because the umbilical cord that supplies the world will have been cut so no life will pass to the rest of the world.Africans should ask themselves what’s their role in the world then work on that.

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