My short visit to “Ireland”

I went to Ireland for the first time last year. I remember when l was still at the airport in Amsterdam, Schiphol very excited. It was busy that weekend because Irish people have street celebrations this month of the year. So the flight was fully booked by Irish people who live, study, work or married in Holland. Very pleasant people to be with. Just that moment when you are almost distant but then your life freshens after realizing there are still good people in this world💖👓
I met Wineth when I was running to the flight. You know when you book a cheap flight, park far away from where they check your passport.
So when we arrived there, they were already very happy Irish people who also could not wait to be with their friends and family. One guys asked where I was going?
I said, I am visiting Gerard Butler. 😊
There is something about Irish people that attracted me. They greet you. The food is good. The airport is full of nice quotes. They do not have many people angry at them in the world yet they have been through a lot.
In this picture I was like revitalized, after I met met these girls whom I mentioned yesterday. I remember Rachel saying somehow somewhere we are sisters. I believe that because we both felt it. 💓 Rachel Your softness and diplomacy. I loved your work and admire it every day. Thanks for inspiring me
I met Dearbhla who is and has a lovely family. I was allowed to sleep at her house. Thank you once again. Alice is one of my Chinese friends who inspires me a lot.
 A strong Chinese living in Ireland. Very Irish but also very Chinese. So open-minded😘. Emer I love you.

In this picture I was on my way home and when I came.home they were waiting for me. It was a pleasure to tell them about a country with history. music and happy people.
You know I never bought a T shirt of a country except from Switzerland and Ireland. The rest of these other European countries I have visited did not touch my heart because probably what happened in the past. the same feeling I have when visiting places like museums and Zoo’s. Not my thing and def. not My children’s.

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