Parenthood and Entrepeneurship

Being an Entrepeneur for almost 11 years now, combining with parenthood and fulltime breastfeeding. I remember the first day I walked with my newborn daughter who was just a fews weeks old at my back in a #torsobabywearing piece of cloth.
I was not even sure whether they allowed mom’s to walk like this outside the house. To them it looked dangerous, rather unsafe and maybe suffocating for the baby? But this was a judgemental opinion from a distance.
I am happy some people felt free to come and confront me about this. When people ask you questions, they want answers. The questions may not come the way you expect, mostly they are rather offensive.

I have learnt to be patient, sometimes making a product without clients, and sometimes promoting for others. But that is business. I like promoting what the system tends to forget and ignore. Mostly being in a discussion with social workers who are used to work under protocols trying to convince them why carrying babies matter.
I remember entering a buiding once so to ask them if I could provide a workshop or free information to newborn parents.
The most difficult part was that I could see people wondering why I was working alone and not through an official social place?
What I really liked was that once in a while there would be parents coming to me saying what they had once come across during their holiday in Africa. It felt like someone was finally understanding what I was trying to say.
I have gained my experience through speaking to those without an idea what babywearing meant. I remember most people asking me what if the legs of the baby were spread too much, why they see African mom’s mostly carrying baby’s at the back.
Genuine questions. I have learnt from my parents that stupid questions never exist. I agree. Thats why I am still going on providing these lectures to everyone who wonders why babywearing works for others and not for them.
I challenge those as well who think they already know it all when it comes to the science behind carrying baby’s and toddlers. I am ready to provide online information as well to those who are far away.
Very soon I am going to Scotland to provide African Ethnic carrying culture, focussing on #Torsobabywearing.

stay tuned. The pictures were made last year when I was lecturing at the biggest babyfair #Negenmaandenbeurs where they have about 50 000 visitors a day, and I did this for 5 consecutive days. ❤
#Mbereko #berekamwana #Mberekocarry #wakandaforeverScreenshot_20190224-122211_Gallery

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