Freedom for our children

I see people around me and myself, all talking about freedom. I have met a lot of parents with young and older children. Married couples and dating people.
Many are fighting for so called freedom. My question is for humans of today, Do we really understand what freedom really means?
Let me take you down the line of my personal experience. I remember the freedom I had when I grew up. My parents left me outside to play with other children. The environment was safe by then.
I grew up in the 80s and 90s in the urban area in Harare and I have lived in the rural areas too. My parents exposed us to different areas in Zimbabwe regardless of how rich or what is considered poor. My parents have created freedom for us because we could now choose what we wanted when it comes to poverty, stable life or extreme luxury life.

I as a child I did learn a lot, because that gave me an Openminded mentality. I remember visiting mountains eating seasonal fruits. Following my instincts more than children who grow up in low density surburbs and Western countries would do.

At some point people thought it’s a good thing to put a baby in a pushchair at all the time. Some even believed that giving formula to a baby was modern and luxury. Without realizing how much freedom they took away from themselves and the children.
The whole idea of being dependent and not trust that you have instincts and control your whole pregnancy and the birth of your children up to the day you say goodbye when they get married. Because when you have never learnt how to let go, how can you let your own child go.

Look around you today, how many people are depending on the system, blaming very quick when things do not go the direction they were conditioned to be the right one. Read more on my blog.

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