Is it the orgasm that we are after when we start a relationship?

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Is it the orgasm that we are after when we start a relationship?

Or is it affection, pillar shoulder to lean on, materialism or stability?
These questions go back to my culture where I remember that it was allowed to have more than 1 woman or husbands for Queens only.
I know and quiet aware that there are elderly people who know better about this, and I am really hoping that they will jump in and explain their piece that they know to help our new generation. I wouldn’t want my daughter or son to still ask the same questions I am asking today. By then they should be answered.
It’s my responsibility as a parent to guide my daughter about this world and her future relationships. Not to control where and who, but how she at least can come up for herself in certain situations. I do not want to teach my daughter only to fight when problems come. But I would like her to know that it’s very important to take initiatives as a woman too.
What kind of initiatives are there to be taken the day of today?

Before I elaborate the initiatives, let me explain how I have managed to understand the differences between an African girl who grew up in the village and the city. And a Western girl who grew up already being sexually active at an early age. Not all but the difference is there according to what they are exposed to.

What kind of initiatives are there to be taken the day of today?

👉🏿 A girl who is decently guided with freedom, in this case can not the freedom that we sometimes think of, but that she can easily approach a man she likes and still be humbled and give a man his position to act and not be taken over.
👉🏿 She can say no to sex until she is emotionally ready, but this does not mean that she doesn’t feel aroused by this man. Both should understand and have a strong foundation, in a form of guidance.

👉🏿 If she is knowledgeable about affection and love she will probably attract her reflection but this doesn’t happen always. Without her taking over the traditional expected position of a man. She can privately teach him how, because I can understand that you do not want to run from one man to another when the rest of your relationship is content except that ”orgasm” part.

Of which many couples have considered orgasm not so important anymore yet it’s the most healthy, enjoyable thing that can happen between a man and a woman.
I cannot expect everyone to agree or disagree to this analysis, but I was a virgin for a very long time. Not because I was boring but I saved my life. My parents saved my life because I remember that some of my friends or neighbour friends would jump the fence during the night going out and as we speak I have lost loads of friends of my generation that I grew up with.
I would like to be able to teach my girls that in this day it’s not easy to say no to the guy that would like to sleep with you but this is my experience. Ofcourse a boy can also say no if the girl is too fast.

I would want for her to have different options to look and be able to make the right choice accordingly. I believe in truth. Truth begins with me as a parent. How I behave towards and around my children.
Do I enjoy sex with my husband? Neither I would like to share this with my social media friends.

But it’s definitely a base for my children. On how I am going to give then this guidance, whether I am honest to myself or not.

In Netherlands where I have lived for 24 years. I know that a lot of people can do without intimacy for a very long time. The weather can be very cold.

Their beds are not 1 bed for two but 2 beds that are put together. I will explain one day about my research and experience on this above mentioned.
I hope you understand that it’s very important for me as a parent to give my children a better guidance being true to myself on how I am experiencing it right now. Ofcourse I cannot tell them exactly in detail, but there are ways and those ways are acceptable for a child to umderstand.

I have seen the differences between how people have their intimacy relationships.
A lot of you hear me constantly saying. Westernized education is different from African education.
African people sensed more. Some still do when they live naturally and still follow the cultural organics lifestyle. So for you who understand what I mean by sensing, you also know why orgasm is important in this case. This has now nothing to do with whether you sense one human or more. Whether you would like to be in a relationship with all of them or not. But somehow explains why cultured people chose for polygamism.
I am not justifying any behaviour done by humans nor condemning anything. Most of what I am writing uo hear make a lot of sense to me and probably many.
If you and you and you ask yourself whether you really have orgasm in your relationship and you can give yourself an answer then it’s enough for you to realize that you either take some certain true initiatives to improve that. Or you start your own analysis whether what you feel or sense for the other person has to do with the lack of orgasm within.

Your own relationship.

Orgasm has to do with everything like

👉🏿good communication
👉🏿good sense of humor
👉🏿flexibility body and mind wise. And more

Why I mentioned Westernized education is because I realised how important it is for us today to realise how important culture is.
Not to be abused but to learn and properly practice. Both partners are supposed to be practicing or else you may even disagree in the most crucial moments of how you reach a proper orgasm. I wouldn’t even want to talk about it as nature will be playing the role.
I am continuing in my book and will share this with you in the meantime as promised.
The irony or truth behind lies on different areas and reasons.

Some people think and argue that the only way to great organism is the new Westernized way, yet you can still have a normal intimacy relationship without all those other experimented plastic things and unnatural positions nor actions.

I am not banishing anything, even if I would be in the God’s position to do that, I wouldn’t. Its good for humans to experience a lot in order for them to make a choice of they do not want anymore.

What I do not believe in is experimenting with your health, your body as it is the only place we live in. You would like to share that with someone you love, someone who respect his or her body too.
We now know that a lot has been manipulated lately. If your food is being manipulated and processed to something that you cannot breakdown anymore, such that some heathy parents end up seeing breastfeeding as a choice and not a must.

Then what makes you think no one can manipulate with how we organically can have an intercourse without any other expectations with the proper organic person to reach a natural organic orgasm✌🏿🤭 these 2 words rhyme.
I am hearing someone asking herself or himself, what this up here has to do with Mbereko? Knowledge is power and ignorance is a choice. If you would let me musandiganhira. Ndirimuzhira❤🍾

Thank you
HUMANSBONDED Book by Melissa Budding Vandira

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