Pram versus mbereko


We parents love our children so much that we forget ourselves. Rightly so, children and babies are so sweet. It is also going so fast with growing and therefore want to enjoy every moment and be for it. Yes be for it. But how do we do that? We walk nicely with our children while they sleep in the pram. Is that it? Can’t you do more fun things with your baby? it is. A baby may not be very mobile, but you are. The period from baby to toddler is very short for some parents so they want to do a lot with the baby before they can work again. Participating is talking along, they say. That is why I took a pram to still feel if I could get back problems if I used a baby pram more often. I have not been able to sustain it for very long because every time I wanted to touch, feel and kiss my baby. When I saw a bird I pointed to it. When I saw a flower I pointed at the flower again, and so on and so forth. Why back problems Because I always wanted to feel if it wasn’t too cold or too hot Because I had to lift the car, up or down the stairs, in case of no lift. Because I kept bending over to give a kiss Because the teat always fell out of his mouth Because I wanted to put my groceries at the bottom of the car. Because after shopping, the pram had to be put together and still had to put it in the car. Because the car seat also had to be put back safely in the car. Yet I took a car to feel it. The development of an unnoticed problem or complaint. suggest that many of us are ignorant about this. In Western countries you have solutions for everything. So a problem is created, and the problem also has a solution immediately. After you have done all the above-mentioned actions, your husband comes home, you eat something and the children go to bed. Even though the man would put all the children to bed, so that you can relax for a while, you no longer have time to visit the gym. You have sometimes received the exercises for your pelvis from the physio, or from elsewhere. The next appointment is back before you get there. How else could you prevent or reduce this? Of course, not everyone has problems with back pain or other complaints from a hectic moment with your baby afterwards. Some parents are lucky with family who live nearby and are willing to help if there is a need for rest. Parents whom I know do not want to say goodbye to their children very soon, especially in the first period. They therefore do everything to be there. Not because they are control freaks, but precisely that mother / father feeling, actually quite logical and natura.



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