How we abolished the mentality of looking down upon a “housewife”

The JOURNEY TO ART Of African Ethnic Carrying Culture♡

We used to stay in a city of The Hague. Though it was outside the town we experienced the city people mentality and a certain behaviour that we do not see now in the village we live.

People in the city are always in a hurry as they rush to work and have programs for the day that they should not miss, according to them.

For example:
-Waking up very early to catch the creche or day care time. So that they can be at work on time..
– After work picking up the kids eat quick and rush for a sport activity, either for themselves or the kids
.some children go to ballet dance, music school, hockey, football etc
If they have a baby mostly you see them struggling to put in and put, folding and unfolding the pram until they normalize the struggle.

I have a company at home. Wow. Though my children went to school too and a swimming lesson we made a decision based on how much our children can take a week or day. We didn’t want to follow the mass, even though this would look like you are not taking part in the aily societal routine.
I remember always carrying my youngest child ans bring the oldest to school. The same parents who somehow had found time to put make up on, sprayed the hair with some perfumed hair luk to keep the standing on one position. Would ask me if the baby in not heavy at my back. Some would compliment me in such a way they they would never so it but they admired looking at me doing it. I reminded some of what they had seen in some foreign country they had been on holiday, somewhere in Africa where people were very poor and needed some help. Because she went there once, she already was starting a project called ” help poor African Children”

At first I felt a bit unease. My husband worked ofcourse and he sees the same type of women at work, in the metro or on the road when he took the car.
I felt like I was the only one doing something else in a society where everyone hurried for everything.
When I came home walking back from school. I would go to prepare for either a workshop for Bereka. Or a walk in session where new parents would come to some certain organisation that I worked without their babies to take their first ear test. They then came my office then to see the Mbereko. It was nice doing that bit hard as the mentality of the society was hard to convince that their hustling seemed working but the kids missed bonding moments or were too tired.because of the 3 or 4 programs a week.
A lot of things happened in this area we lived.
This is a neighbour hood that consists of new homes, built between 1999 and 2010
Both parents.who worked and both have 2 big and beautiful cars at the door. Some were lease cars, just like mortgage..
Everyone looks perfect according to how perfect has been set by the society.
I struggled to fit in.
I took part in most activities in the evening when my husband was home. Like visiting the gym place to take an aerobics class or spinning. I enjoyed but when I came home I would have to continue breastfeeding the whole night.
So there not so many clubs or places where parents would meet up and breastfeed their kids together. I started looking for that and couldn’t immediately find. I knew I had to do something to create. That’s when I came across women who felt just like me they the society laughed at them that they breastfed big kids and they they were housewives.
Those women who worked ans left their kids behind at a nursery were now the one who would look down upon a parent who worked from home or the one ho chose to be home with the kids in the first 4 years of their lives.
Crazy. Ofcourse I came up with thos babycarryworkout program and started to build a course through Bereka Academy to create jobs for women women absolutely didnt want to leave their kids behind. These women were now going to help other parents with breastfeeding information and babywearing lessons, whilst carrying their kids at the back. The challenge was now the distance because where I loved no many were open to that as the society mentality was pushing so it otherwise and of you were alternative, you were put of place and isolated. So my students would come from Belgium, sonw 3 hour drive from where I lived. Sometimes some came ans slept a night in our are to be able to take a day course ans a certificate. Sonw came druning the weekend s course. They were not many as yet because my work was now trying to convince the same society about how a typical and ancient African woman survives everyday

A few things to note down why this article up here.
*The same society has a higher DIVORCE rate.
* A higher rate children visiting a child coach, or psychologist
* Children diagnosed of ADHD and or other forms of diagnoses that were never there when people.practises bonding and natural behaviour.
I leave it hear for today ans I hope you have read it all and understood that this is the order of today and we would love to see people bonding again. We would like to see children happy again. And we would like to sew marriages standing longer and most of all

Money and materialism being he last on our priority listFB_IMG_1551004910446

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