When humans lose their base. Art and music losing culture and self love

In addition to what I wrote yesterday about music and culture. To many of you it suddenly made sense.
Sometimes when promoting whatever we promote or listening to the music that make sense into our lives, we should always try to find out whether its cultural or not.

Ofcourse its cultural. Culture is there worldwide and can differ from tribe to tribe, country to country and before we had boarders and before colonialism or slavery, music was universal.
It’s not for nothing that a lot of American black people would sing soul, r&b and jazz. Which is beautiful and it came from somewhere. By then it suited their lives and experiences. Listen to Nina Simone and MILES DAVIS
There was a reason to that. There was another reason for some people to put down such music and talk low about it especially hip pop and r&b.

Look at how black people are treated everywhere in the world.
I am about to come to my point really why I woke up so early writing this piece.
Who remembers that a lot of Western artists would come to Africa to see music instruments? To experiment the instruments and learn from African people.
It already means that Africans made music instruments for centuries. When they say for instance that mbira is the original instrument for a piano. They probably mean it. So when you would look down upon Mbira instrument and straight be proud to know how to play piano which is already ready installed for you.
You simply lost an opportunity, not that it’s too late but that’s how colonialism or indoctrination touched most of us.

Going back. I read in the comments at Plot Mhako yesterday responding to my comment that when Slice came. A Zimbabwean music. Things have never been the same.
She is probably right. Because that was the dissapperance of Leonard Dembo, Matavire, Mapfumo, Sungura Boys, Bundu boys and more like James Chimombe and Marshall Munhumumwe. I grew up listening to the music and the lyrics were quiet challenging as we actually mastered and learnt most of deeper idiomatic language that music provided.
Because of Dorothy Masuka, not to seperate her from Meriam Makeba. I still remember my mother’s youth as she grew up listening to that music. Now I am actually talking about the Ndebele, Kalanga Zulu, Venda side. Which makes me like the Botswanian cultural music, when we listened to Majaivana. We would learn simple Ndebele without even thinking of tribalism. Because I believe that language can a barrier to communication therefore not understand each other’s culture.

Personally I LOVE music, worldwide. I remember that Bono, U2 has been to Zimbabwe and they are Irish. I do not remember which year and each time I visit their always fully booked concert within a few minutes. I always get along with the drummer. He drums like an African. They actually travelled to improve their music style. They didn’t just travel for a tour to become millionaires as what I see people and some musicians do nowadays.
Peter Gabriel is one of the most popular musicians who has been to several African countries too. He has several albums and tracks that he sang with African musicians like Papa Wemba and Youssou N’dour. Not to mention his style of music it beautiful when combined with a lot of African music. In fact a lot of them.
Maybe some of you may not recognize Peter Gabriel, PINK FLOYD or even METALLICA. But I have been to their concerts and managed to pick a lot of rythmn that brings me back to Africa.
Well many of you remember Paul Simon. He went to Africa and wanted to make an album with South African, Zimbabwean musicians. Of which you see that there aren’t many musicians singing together with other South Africans as we would experience before in the 70s and 80s.
@Don Gumbo (I cannot find him) and that’s how African old artists just dissappear), was in the group singing with Paul Simon. Hugh Masekela, Miriam Zenzile Makeba The Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Thays already Humansbonded. Kubatana. That’s cultural exchange and that’s fighting apartheid, xenophobia and tribalism.
Unfortunately because there was still so much apartheid in South Africa. Paul Simon was not allowed to make his album in South Africa. He was allowed to come and do this album in Zimbabwe because a mixture of white people and black was not an issue in Zimbabwe.
I am always proud of that.
I remember when they played. We would hear the sound from the show ground. I do not remember anymore which showground in Harare, maybe Rufaro Stadium. I was a little girl then in 1985 or 87.
I remember we would then play the music everywhere. The radios in Zimbabwe played their music. It was successful. He probably went on and make the album a world Album. But the base was in Zimbabwe.
Who remembers when Bob Marley came to Zimbabwe. Some of you were nor born yet and I do understand where you are coming from when there isn’t much culture demonstrated to you. There is not much music anymore that sounds like it used to.

Tribalism. Xenophobia. Racism and apartheid. Broke down the mixture of African Artists.
I remember learning Zulu simply by listening to 2 artist who sang two different languages.
I remember loving Thomas Chauke and the Shinyori sisters. Now I love this cultural group called Ngwao Letshwao Performing Arts by Odirile Rammoni. So much power and culture. Everyone should go and collaborate with them.
Follow Aliddeki Brian too. Such a brilliant young soul from Uganda.
I know my writing is a mixture of musical senses which can only be understood by those who have been there or ready to open their minds to be where we are.
For me to make you understand why I am writing this to you is because I want music to be the way it used to be or be combined with respect if ancient and original music.
Music is global and cultural. In my short article of yesterday I expressed what good lyrics did to me. They expressed not only love,
But societal behaviour. Music pushed people to correct one another when necessary and music was never used as a dividion instrument. Everyone was allowed to listen to everything.
Nothing was too dominant, discriminatory nor meant for age groups.
So to conclude to you. What is it that made me write this piece.
Is because I am seeing Zimbabweans of today struggling even to make a tour to the other side of the world.

The whole idealism around this article is to be

UNIQUE and respect elders.

Dont forget that most Western people have Bundu boys and Oliver Mtukudzi in their cd shelves. WHEN I am travelling around Europe. Many people I tell I am Zimbabwean, recognize MY beloved country because of music. Because of ALBUM Graceland. Because of Bob Marley. Because of Dorothy Masuka. Because of Soul Brothers and many other artists like Thomas Mapfumo.
I have see this changing and since I live in Netherlands I go a lot to festivals. Most of you have seen me sharing videos. Because I cant wait to be to a concert or.African festival. Why African festival because I am a proud African. A grounded Zimbabwean and always prepared to know other African music than our own.
That shows I come from a strong CULTURAL background.
It’s only a shock when a Zimbabwean artist of today is imitating American white artists.
Looking down upon his culture and cultural instruments yet Western people travel to meet Mbira, marimba, Hosho and may other handmade instruments by Africans.
If your wanting to tour is based on wanting to be a millionaire. Forget about it as a carrier.
To be continued because for me as a black human to revolutionary organise a festival or a cultural exchange programme between Africa and Europe. I need artists and public that truly believe in who they truly are. Not imitate supremacists and look down upon who they are.

Who am I to write about music? And why I do not just follow the mass just because a certain group is dominating. My background and instincts lead.
I am a great fan and a critical lover of Diverse music. Music is culture and culture is to be respected. Bring back cultural lyrics, instruments and collaborate with old musicians whilst they are alive. If they are dead, pay as much tribute by playing and promoting. Especially learning.

Or else find out about how they used to do it.
You cannot choose audience as musician but let the audience choose you.
European or in general Western people aren’t waiting to listen to buy a ticket of 100 euros to visit African festival only to discover that an artist has been imitating European style. They are looking for cultural music. The other way round. You wouldn’t go to a concert I’d an artist comes in Rufaro stadium imitating Thomas Mapfumo. People are proud of who they are out there and as Zimbabwean artists. You need to start doing the same. Some are doing great. But we need improvement. I cry with pain when I see less black people in African festivals. I cry with pain when I dan count black people in concerts of big and huge artists.
How can one give themselves a title “culturalists” when you know nothing about other cultures than yours.

My name is Muchaneta and I wrote a book called Humansbonded.. Art of African Ethnic Carrying Culture
I represent African Culture in Netherlands and a great music promoter and lover. I own Mbereko brand and have a concept called BabyCarryWorkout. I give African dance in schools in Europe. So now you see why I dance to music. I would love more artists to provide us with music and great lyrics

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