The Love for entitlement and the abuse of knowledge

Only for people who truly understand this language

I was puzzled when I saw that fellow human beings go as far as exaggerating about culture when they clearly know the wrong they are practicing. So this way you can become a victim of a certain group of people trying to survive, well we call it trying to survive and therefore forget to question their deeds.

Sometimes we feel guilty that we live abroad. Because living in Europe should be ok and therefore no-one bothers to ask you about your health but money. They therefore ask you to pay to tell you what you already know. Which means enough who do not understand are the victims.

Do you know what kills the economy? A certain undividuals who go too far to earn temporary money. They forget about the long term consequences. And Of-course they will not recognise themselves as part of the problem, but solution. They feel the entitlement of being cultural strong. But nothing stay forever when not meant to.

Giving an example of what I am talking about. I remember when I wrote about music and Art, I clearly stated that we cannot allow a certain group of the society to be dominant in playing role models in music world whilst their lyrics and styles are negatively affecting our children and youth.

How about this other group I am about to mention, this group seems scary to enter, this group in society operates with the focus on money. Yet what they use maybe free nature or cultural aspects that are supposed to be benefitted by every individual.

Nature is not there to be abused. Nature is there to be nourished. Nature is spiritual and so as us human beings. We are part of the earth. We are part the soil and we are part of trees.
“We are children of the Sun”

This is just to give an example of a certain individuals who feel the entitlement of bullying other individuals who certainly are true to nature and culture.

How this is happening so far is by tracing the ancestors and therefore claim that its only them who can save others. Really?

So my question is, if the powers are above powers, why are we where we are? Isn’t it simply because the humans that you are expecting to practice proper culture are entitled to free teachings and knowledge like the TRUE ancient people used to do? Why abuse their faith in themselves.

Why steal their money and wealth, why are you not progressing with that money you earn whilst you are spiritually so called helping other non knowledgeable humans.

Is it not a mistake we are making? Maybe time to reshift and be honest to ourselves for once.

There are true ways ànd paths to this not the way its happening now.
Stop àbusing culture and start to be real. Open up to knowledge as they are true humans out there operating without need for what colonialists imposed on you.

Please do not feel like ndakutsikai konzi. Problems that are causing our future generation not to rise can be deep and can only be seen by those who almost became victims, or those who experienced it. Be the change you want to see if CARE. We are the solution to our problems not the other way round.

Giving an example. We cannot all be Queens and Kings, thats why they are Prince’s and princesses too. Utilise your position accordingly and proper. Run away from this creation of human controlling by not creating too many groups that are not useful but maintaining your little ghost works that make you only buy industrialised bread. That’s not the solution to our problems either.

Suppose you are entitled to be a great Gwenyambira. Be one and be genuinely good at it. Let the voices be heard like they used to. They refuse to come out nekuti tsvina dzabatwa dzawandisa

Written by Muchaneta.
Art Of African Ethnic Carrying Culture.

Published by Muchaneta Vandirai

Muchaneta was now living in the Netherlands, far away from home and her extended family. Perhaps it was the distance or the time away from her roots that led her down a path to reconciling her traditionally African approach to child rearing with the new modern European scientifically tested advice she was consistently receiving. In doing so she began to craft out a unique path for herself and her growing family.

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