Never calculate your life based on someone’s lifestyle

Some people measure their lives or wallets with yours yet forgetting to measure the way we hustle. We are different in how

flexible we are
Giving we are
Patience we can be
Tolerant we are
Forgiving we are
Honest we are

Just because one represents himself as satisfied does not mean they too do not have Bill’s to pay or for not deserve luxury lifestyle

These above mentioned are crucial points that make us all different people. It’s hard to fulfill all. Some people think that being a business woman or man with capital is enough to start a business and become a millionaire.
Let’s not forget that there are enough people who suffer from

👉🏿power hungriness
👉🏿no balance between the love of money
👉🏿controlling syndrome like the way a helicopter moves

We can name so much but to be honest we are all never too young to learn. Because some people write 10 books in a year or may even have enough money to produce any product in the world. In the end what makes us humans is how we treat others, ourselves, whether that is healthy or with respect. that will determines our future. How we grow, learn from failures and still stand no matter what.

Melissa Budding

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