When do some women abuse men to an extend of emasculating them?

What I meant yesterday about some women abusing the fathers of their kids, is beyond equality and hormonal imbalance. It’s a deep constantly psychological emasculation of some men which sometimes seem systematically.

👉🏾How can you claim you love him and yet you play a victim and controlling at the same time.

👉🏿How can you normalize a situation like this to your daughters or sons. How are they going to treat others where they go?

Some women file for a divorce to a a man they do not love anymore to give the children opportunities to enjoy both parents. But some would make use of those kids to control him, because most laws are to his disadvantage.

Do not misunderstand because it may sounds imbalanced, we are used to talk about a girl child and a woman because we all give birth and really go through tough times.
I want to compensate and remind those women who are under some certain abuse right now that there are good men out there who could be with the abused woman today but they too are being abused. It’s an non apologetical situation when abuse goes beyond any other normalized situation such as hormonal reactions and even bipolar.
Personally I know that the majority of men are used to be in a position of wanting to be a man, some are too much, and forget to feel what a woman really wants.

This lady responded yesterday “”Yes my dear u say so bt it’s not easy to abuse ur hubby wch is der is e secret behind u know dat ? To be honest akuna mkadzi anoda ku abuser baba venyu bt situation yaunenge uchi facer na nayo ndoitokutuma kudaro lets check bothside, Melissa Its lyke varume havadi kuti vanzi vatadza asi uchinyatsoona kuti munhu ari wrong u cee.Same applies nekukura kwatakaita do u know dat kuti takakura tichinzi if mubereki akakuudza chinyu so chenhema iwe uchichiziva kuti inhema tainzi munhu mkuru anonzi haanyebi kkkkkkkk ayas”

My response “Colleta I know and really remember how we grew up. But times have changed and enough women have been emancipated such that some were not ready to combine with a relationship. Some come from abusive families and therefore take it from there into their relationships. The reason why I emphasised this is because, we never discuss about how slavery has affected the Boy child so far.

We have been focussing on the girl child, of which that shouldnt stop. What we notice during our research is that a man never talks openly about his problems.

He instead looks for comfort elsewhere. Not necessarily another woman but elsewhere than his wife. Normally if ä man is committed or was committed before you emasculated hisn manhood (kmowingly or unknowingky)? If he starts showing a different behaviour, note down a few things honestly that you might be doing wrong. Thát is if you äre able to recognize them. Or else ask him.

What do you need to do?

👉🏾You are both supposed to talk,

👉🏿 compromise and solve the differences
in front of your kids in order for then to be able to solve their problems too.

So far our generation was not close to fathers because he worked a lot and kids were mostly namai. The world of today is different. A good Example is a father who left his kingdom in Africa for greener pastures but now stuck.

( This post is not ignoring anyone who is being abused by a man right now) we are focussing on this issue today and please let me.) I do have family too. And I have studied slavery.
Enough men are afraid of losing their children, therefore go through harsh circumstances. The laws are not always fair for both yet children love both parents.

Believe me, I have lived in a country where women can extremely be dominant due to how they were abused before .

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