I love being NATURAL and I feel confident being natural. I had this attitude that whenever someone compliments me only when I was wearing a weave then I would see that as negative. It was part of my journey too.
It is my duty as a woman to educate the type of a man I would like to see with my daughters. It is my duty to teach and educate those girls who will ever date or be married to my son. Let alone the parents who are going to bring them up.
We have reached an Era where people should not only say ‘believe in your true self” but in practice.

I remember crying a few years ago. By then I wrote a lot of things in Dutch. I saw my people perishing, crying, my motherland being disgusted by the people I live with.

I meditated about it. For google to start having positive things about Zimbabwe, for Zimbabweans and other African people to start appreciating themselves. We cannot maintain blaiming, pointing fingers behaviour without taking our hands out of our pockets.I am proud to have contributed to make google and Zimbabwe look and sound better. through thick and thin ❤

Let's talk about it, thank you for your contribution

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