I feel that some men think it’s not them to fit in but women. I feel that some men think it’s women’s work to cover up and men should not be strong enough to cover themselves when they see an almost undressed woman for example when breastfeeding which is essential.


It’s high time we look back to our culture and see how people used to dress themselves, yet respected one another. Its not because its past. We still can learn from it
I recently had a beautiful conversation with a friend about dresscode for “women” this has been a discussion for years. I feel I have to write my thoughts and worry so to remind our African brothers about

In my mother language we would say “tsika dzedu nemagariro”

There are people who are used to tone polis others such that when they get any chance they start putting someone down to an extend of reducing their confidence. And ofcourse some are truthfully and mean to help others.

This is done sometimes unknowingly. Imagine a lot of people have put you at a higher position such that their expectations of you become too high than your high self can deliver.
These people seem to have understood what life is all about and why people should behave in a certain way for them to win or gain respect.
We have different job carriers in the world. We also have different types of companies that existed to represent culture, norm and wellbeing.

I sometimes feel like women are not really taken seriously when representing their work. Some people come up with different reasons. We have women who work in offices, or women with a position that allows them to stand in front of people representing their work. I remember in this conversation agreeing that some carries are there for uou to give up certain lifestyles for you tonbe taken seriously.m

Surely it all depends on what you are there to represent. I personally have been in different fields where I worked in an office and wore a suit or dresses. I have never found myself trying to draw men’s attention exposing certain body parts. Unless if this happens by mistake. I cannot speak for others than for myself.

I wrote an article before about ‘My experience with Zimbanwean men” those who read know who I am and how they have to represent themselves towards me. I have always pushed away people who deliberately come to disturb my work because they want to put me in a position that I am not in.

I am a Writer, Teacher, and an Entrepeneur.

  1. African Dance

I represent different things when it comes to our wellbeing. The things that I write are to put into practice and sometimes we have to show the situation in order for people to overstand where we are coming from. An example is when a woman like me is doing do exercises through dancing or just aerobics. Or Incan be preparing a Choreography for my students using a certain music. I am very enthusiastic! I therefore share for people to see what I am up to with African dance at Bereka.
When dancing you can wear long clothes or certain warm clothes because it can get too warm and disturb your focus.

  1. I teach about Mbereko and that includes

*carrying of babies, belly’s and back.
*I teach about human Anatomy and Mbereko

  1. I write, podcast, do coaching and make teaching videos.

Surely there is no way I can have no specific dresscode for all what I do, you will sometimes have to see me breastfeeding and you cannot come to tone police me because at that moment I am representing a case to a client.
When carrying a baby we have to bow in a certain way to show the right posture.
When teaching about

When I teach dancing. I sometimes jump, turn around and if my body is build in a certain way that colonialism made you think otherwise. Please repend

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