That moment when we talk of they, and forget to see our contribution to the maintainance of what we are chronically sick from.

Living in Europe since 1994/5 gave me the opportunity to study the other side from a closer angle such that I could see where some became chronically dependant even mental wise.
Ignorance was now being projected into them shielding the ignorance of the privileged.
Do you al remember or recall seeing my sisters and brothers considering falling in love with a cau casian as an achievement? It is still happening to those without the right knowledge unfortunately, but those are the same people who become angry if they do not receive Handouts. Because humans are humans nothing should be more special really.
So the bottom line is. We are all victims at some point because the ones who were kept blind being told are PRIVILEGED. discovered much later sometimes too late that they
were being lied to. Such humans got SHOCKED when they met someone like me who is more than what they already know of what’s so called being highly intelligent or concious without their influence.
What a privileged human does when they see someone whom they grew up thinking or being told is POOR or poorly minded, is try them out and put them down, it is a Misson to them to stay and maintain their position. They cannot come to you and say well, I am poor myself, I am aggressive, or I am psychologically not balanced or stable. That’s why you see them compete, compare, or want to see above always. They rather go and fetch for information that beat yours to try and prove you wrong poorly because FEAR for failure is in them. Insecurities hidden.
Such people maintain certain habits to emasculate certain humans who they are scared of because they will otherwise take over or discover who the truly are.
Why are certain things being repeated and still certain humans keep accepting it. Its because without the maintaining of this narcissistic behaviour karanga we call it Mhiko.

They do not survive. Purely SHAME will kill such people as they are vulnerable to stress, mental illness. Their SOUL is fed by the FALL of another. Which clearly shows that they are more DEPENDANT than those they teach to be dependant.
It is time where ignorance is a choice. And it is time when not all will be saved mentally. We will have humans who will be defending the dependancy syndrome and we will have people who will normalise being abused. Just as those who normalize privileged behaviour not knowing that it kills when they come across humans who do better.
Written today half-moon, 09:45 in Netherlands. Unedited.
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Muchaneta nekuti hatina kufanana panezvose, asi kuremekedzana kuchatibatanidza

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