We wish you all Merry Christmas!!

Voor vrienden en familie die aan ons denken in moeilijke en makkelijke tijden. Voor degene waarmee we aan tafel hebben gezeten en koffie gedronken, gaan drinken en blijven doen.

Why do I change my profile picture?

Someone asked me why I find it necessary to change my profile picture now and then? This is the answer: I like waking up and not look at the same thing again and again everyday. It refreshes my mind. It reminds me how my face and life is changing after a rough and painful pregnancyContinue reading “Why do I change my profile picture?”

Dutch husband preparing a Zimbabwean dish

Yes they do it when you give them the chance to,…….. When I met my husband I never thought he will even be the type of a man who would stand in the kitchen making my cultural dish, #Sadza. I thought I was the only one going to prepare this whenever I feel like eatingContinue reading “Dutch husband preparing a Zimbabwean dish”