Men like or love their position to be
Seen as a strong human
They love seeing women being submissive to them
What I do not understand is that, why speaking out emotions makes them think they may lose their manhood.

What I have been analysing lately is that. Some men see falling in love or expressing those feelings as failure yet it is the most powerful act you can ever perform.
Real women are forever waiting for such men to drop the pride and express themselves. That way a woman can become submissive and feel loved.
The fear of losing pride is found in many sometimes even women because they are afraid to
Be rejected
To lose control
But by accepting fear to take control. You are probably letting chances go away.
Love, infactuation, feelings are signs of live, being alive and being an uncontrolled human as you already realise you cannot control nature.
I once wrote about Love and Infactuation
2 years ago. Please read more on my blog

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