TAKE YOUR TIME BEFORE RUSH INTO A MARRIAGE, neem je tijd voordat je te snel getrouwd bent

When I move around walking hand in hand with my husband wearing my baby at the back, I realise that sometimes it’s an impression that we give to young  people out  there who end up saying, “wow this is cute”let me start my own family. To them it looks at that moment very easy to have a baby, husband, beautiful healthy kids”. Yet

I speak to young people a lot who  find my babies very cute whenever I do  my shopping carrying my little one at my back.

To those who are still young between 20 and 30, and not yet married, take your time and enjoy whatever you are doing right now. Between 20 and 25: discover yourself, prepare your future but do not forget to relax and discover the other things than only studying. (you do not want to be some nerd who only managed). DON’T GET MARRIED TOO EARLY (you don’t want to find yourself fighting for your freedom in a relationship and suffering from what they call midlife crisis).

Do not mistaken midlife-crisis with only wanting to go out, meeting new people. Mid-crisis can lead to a serious separation where-by the children are left without two loving parents.

 What mostly happens is: you study, you get married, you go for your profession, you buy a new house together and have beautiful kids. That is not the only dream in life. You start asking yourself (IS THIS ALL?),  So having kids at 30, 31, 32, 33 isn’t that bad at al,  especially when you know you have all the time for them,and you are kind    of ready.

Marriage is just like work. It needs hardworking. Not everything works  out just  like that without doing some hard working.

Speaking to my 3 months old baby, guess what she says…..

Art Of African Ethnic Carrying Culture

Each time I am around my  baby and thats almost always, I keep talking and talking and singing. I cannot explain how and why. I always have to say something, like communicate with her. I have been using the same technique with all my children. My mother was always doing the same. African people

Guess what it really works. I did not go for a special coaching to reach this moment.These are moments that you can never repeat or rewrite.

I always try to enjoy the moments. The fact that I lost parents makes me register most of those moments as we can always forget of who knows, no-one might ever be able to tell my children about these moments. For us is this one of the greatest moments of bonding.

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