Sadza Mealipap, uit Zimbabwe

Als je diverse vrienden hebt kom je gauw erachter dat ze allemaal diverse interesses hebben. Vaak merk ik ook gewoon aan de reacties van mensen. Wat eten betreft, voornamelijk uit mijn roots merk ik wel dat meer mensen graag meer van willen weten.

  • Hoe ik het maak
  • Waar ik de ingrediënten vandaan heb
  • Of de kinderen dit ook lekker vinden

Iedere keer wanneer ik vertel of foto’s post over #Sadza willen veel vrienden ook een recept of echt zien hoe ik het echt maak. Tijdens Pasen had ik even tijd om dit in het kort uit te leggen. Het smaakt en ziet iets anders uit met de Europese ingrediënten dan wanneer je het bereid met de originele Zimbabwaanse ingredienten

Why do I change my profile picture?


Someone asked me why I find it necessary to change my profile picture now and then? This is the answer:

I like waking up and not look at the same thing again and again everyday. It refreshes my mind. It reminds me how my face and life is changing after a rough and painful pregnancy that changed my skin and my body. I am definately not too vain but its good to be just a little bit. Analysing yourself, not being unsure (not necessary) but just having good control over your image.

I do not only practice this with my profile, but also at home with my:

  • Furniture
  • Children’s toys
  • Garden
  • my working place

At home I change my furniture’s position now and then. I feel like I am in a new area again. A new atmosphere, gives me a new fresh mind. Bringing good and new ideas. This goes even further, that when I choose a living room, it should be a fancifully designed house. I do this with the children’s toys, I hide the old toys and bring the other toys back in again. The kids react as if they have new toys, after having to miss them for sometime.

Dutch husband preparing a Zimbabwean dish

Yes they do it when you give them the chance to,……..

When I met my husband I never thought he will even be the type of a man who would stand in the kitchen making my cultural dish, #Sadza. I thought I was the only one going to prepare this whenever I feel like eating my traditional food.

It took some time for him to get used to this meal. Now we have children and they did tasted sadza and porridge made from maize, they really love it.  He started enjoying the meal very well and now we almost eat it a few times in a week.

There is no way I can stop falling in love with my husband if he goes this far trying to combine our culture. Our children are learning along with us.

The bottom part is how do I deal with the fact that I am living in Holland and missing my own roots. The best way for me so far is to include my own family into the whole missing home system so they can help me appreciate what I have now and to cherish what I left behind in Zimbabwe.

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