It’s not all of us who are able to look in a mirror. Believe me, social media does not reveal all things we go through in our life. Ofcourse it’s not necessary tk talk about it all. But once you have decided to do so. Make sure what you choose tell is not fake.
Half the time in life we deal with people who pretend, with agendas especially if they want something from you.
Someone once said to me. No you should avoid such people. But some are unavoidable because you are meant to come those across to learn what the world has become. Preparation for the next spiritual growth.
“How to practice self confrontation” steps to take. Join



Conciousness and Popularism, extroverts and introverts.

The reason why I stay within my confident and private circles shows already that I am not fond of popularism. I do not feel comfortable at all when something becomes too much.
The balance of being myself and being around my family and those I love talking to is more important than an obligation to public.

Someone recently told me to go on youtube because thats how I can earn money with my content and gain following.
Well, I remember exactly when we still had no social media as yet, no platform at all except our email addresses, yahoo, MSN, outlook and other Microsoft related email addresses.
Back then I already felt unease if I had 2 email adresses. The first time we managed to chat through MSN, it felt weird. I remember the sound and the moment of changing your profile picture.
The one you chatted with never changed his or her profile picture and that was sticking into my head because it was their identity.

I have always loved to go deeper into programming and wanting to know more about why every company I worked for had what they call “helpdesk”. This is how I liked these nerds who operated our computer systems. They used to come and sit close to me showing me how it all works. I always offered them tea or coffee because I needed them longer in order to master.

My work colleagues called me crazy because I remembered their phone numbers by head. I never carried a phone book with me.

Even my family would always ask me their numbers that they didn’t remember. I guess this is how I mastered how the IT operators work.
It was so much in my interest to an extend that whenever I face the same problem with my Desktop. I now knew what the It operator did before. I remember that we would go into the backup room full of these wires and tapes and I was curious what they backed up.

This is what baba Anesu did for work too, he loved the fact that I loved working with the computers and felt very comfortable talking about his work to me because I would understand most of it and ofcourse loved to learn more always.
But there were these moments when we dated, that he came to my house and killed my computer in order for him to find relevance of coming back again. Man I struggled to a point of calling him again. He probably loved it.

Because in the first place I didnt know if I really wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, I liked him, and was still in the process of looking around, (remember I had left all my childhood friends in Zimbabwe. So falling in love in Netherlands was a challenge as a grounded human, I was used to something else) so the computer saved him because he went an extra mile killing my computer and knew he was the only one who was allowed to come and help me out.
Those days if you were an extrovert, they would advice to be with a quiet person and these IT guys and Chemists were the ones we came across. And these advices in books and magazine we read back then were biased because now it turns out to be even better to be with someone who overstands your character because they too are the same as you. “Talkie an social”.
Coming back to why I do not like popularism, its because I can be in my quiet place and write but I can also operate a website or even read about how a platform works. Which keys do they use to make certain functions operate differently from other platforms.

It all started with these nerds whom I brought coffee to during my break times at work and ask them everything.
So many people who see my pages on Social media, how many they are. My websites, how many they are and how nicely I love decorating them in the background with my music and coffee, even if they won’t look as professional as you guys have been brainwashed, that a website should look like this as the fashion industry would say so far, a lady should be a slender to fit in the clothes the clothes because they were lazy to research on different types of bodies. Believe me it happened with everything even food. 🚮

Sooo all wrong. It all needs certain overstanding and ofcourse appreciation. I am glad to be diverse and be interested in different things.
One thing though about IT Nerds. They are super Nerds and can be shy. They know about computers and not about social life basics and that clashes with someone who is very much extrovert.

Being extrovert used to be looked down upon because then you were not descent🚮. But that too was a wrong globalized judgement. Extroverts commucate proper.

(That’s why I fancy this joke, “quiet people on Social media think are being modest and mature, especially educated. They always feel they do good on maintaining privacy, yet not realising that they said goodbye to privacy when they registered on Social media). Mostly the do not ave much to share.

I will come back soon explaining about social life and nerds. How they are in relationships.

But to close this piece. I dont believe in large following as the greatest way of archivement.I also don’t believe that money immediately solve it all.
I believe in legacy. There is too much that I missed as a child that I would to like to leave behind for my children.

Its just that when the education of today teaches children to have a onesided mentality, they will always think that one is only good in what they were given good grades for. That’s why I am a teacher.

Because I allowed myself to learn about anything that I came across including humans and music. Whilst most of my age groups would say, “Its not in my taste categorie” or he is not my type.

Or I do not fancy that type of music. Well we sometimes all end up being with people who do not fit in all categories but its ok as long as they are not mean. A nice human is easy to accomodate.

Which is why I still want to give myself the OPPORTUNITY to be around everyone, Young, old, privileged, less privileged, advantaged, less advantaged. I never like to feel, look or sound better than anyone else and to me its the sign of RESPECT.

P.S. I do have a lot of these vivid stories of my life in Netherlands.🤸🏿🙈❤
Enjoy the read, let me sleep again for an hour.

Bonding with conciousness through Carrying Culture

Me keeping reminding you about colonialism, neo colonialism and slavery (neo slavery) is not because I pity myself.
Its because it is reality.
Today its being practiced by people wearing sam skin colour using the same agenda as before.
That’s why I rather choose to deal with every colour as long as they are awoken in above mentioned aspects. Though I know that when one has a PRIVILEGED BASE. Its hard fornthem to bow down for the one whom they were told they are superior towards.
Let me explain why the non privileged would do it even worse.
Remember the education we were given?
It taught us to

⚫ reward

🔵 compete


⚪feel superior

🟡 discriminate
Remember how much we have been learning to only respect people with certain grades at school. How those with those high grades would treat those with lower grades? Do you remember that countries without uniform at school compete based on the quantity of what one wears especially the brand and not the quality of their grades, therefore fail to focus on themselves and the most important aspects about themselves.

Non of the above teaches




▪️carrying each other


▪️to be concious


Why are we now in the world where Empathy is only practiced by a few individuals?
Why are we in the world where the software is controlled by those who do not want people to know the truth about themselves.
Why are we not allowed to catch the right information that tells us to be good and not be Selective.
We are now moving towards a world where those who thought or still feel are *educated* like education has been set so far, feel inferior and that kills especially when you haven’t managed to adjust to the unpacked truth about what you have been learning so far.
Is that not already another revolutionary moment where humans are being seperated?

Who is who today? What do you respect most? So far I personally never thought of any side to chose. I never thought of being different than others. I have always treated humans as humans moving with the flow until the day I felt racism hitting my face.
At first I never thought of defending myself because I am that kind of a person who look for good excuses to defend other people’s behaviour.
I would say for example.
“I do not think she meant it bad in the first place” I would even come up withnsome theories to save someone’s life yet without realising its been done intentionally.

Why Colours represent A DIVERSITY BEHAVIOUR

A corner for HIGHLY CONCIOUS PEOPLE and those who are concious enough to learn

Colours provide diversity into your mind and behaviour. A lot here claim to be open-minded but Egocentric when life becomes hard.

Colours are


Colours are Not


Colours represent nature and if we are part of the nature and respect it like we claim to do. Why are we so seperated and scattered everywhere without minds yet uniting would be the only way to save ourselves?

My family and I in Zimbabwe 2019