The meaning of WORDS

What we say about us, ourselves and others is powerful

Our words resonate with our wishes and goals.
There is a thin line between what you wish for and what will happen. Each time we feed our mind with certain words. We are becoming those words.
Its not for nothing that the world is divided into different types of humans yet we were born to feel in a certain way. What makes others feel different from others?
A good example is when one says to you, we have a lot luxury, we are blessed humans. At the same time the same person says to you.
You should be grateful to be around us. We can imagine you want nothing to do with your origins where you went through such ……. it can be anything. But looking at it. A lot has happened in African countries and a lot of people migrated to so called greener pastures.
The people in these so called greener pastures behave is such a way that they are the paradise. You have been served from all the abuse, hunger, heat, poor families. You and the privileged may now help.
Well seriously?
From the moment you believe you are

Your whole vocabulary and behaviour is now revived around that world where you become needy for help. You become a dependant human. This dependance syndrome will not only be the need for handouts, you become dependant in the ways of thinking too.
You won’t look at or imagine yourself as a CREATIVE human who may help another human no matter in which state.
Remember how dependant people worship money.
They think money solves everything. Without a cent they get stressed, they now cannot do anything else with their mind as if money thinks for them.
Its all about the words we do allow ourselves to describe us.
I have e lived with DUTCH people form 30 years now rounded off from 27 years.
I know their ways inside out.
I used to think that they are very helpful people always wishing Africa well, sending old clothes and all other old things they were no longer using. I remember when I was with friends, they always saw the need to help me or give me something.
I was very quick with asking myself why they feel good after helping the so called poor.
Until I came across certain maintained festives that litterally made a human like me look even more ridiculous, stupid, poor and non creative.
Imagine how such is imposed onto kids when young so that they grow up with a mentality that divides them from other humans?
Now that we are out there where some of us know the truth behind this maintenance of poverty. We look at some people who think a handouts is a blessing.
It is important for the teachers around the world who are highly concious to start practicing differently in order for the humans to see what it is they are learning about WORDS.
The meaning behind and the power of demeaning yourself and people around you
It is important too for people to overstand the power behind those who always praise themselves. Its not a concidence.