Even though our Zimbabwe is not what we had hoped for. We were not injected with the apartheid mentality. We are full of convidennce at the same time very naive. We love too much and forget to recognize some of the aspects mentioned below. Zimbabweans are far intelligent to go back there and rebuild.
Nowadays we first have to fight so called ”housenegros” in Karanga ”vatengesi” (moneylovers) before we actually can be where we want to be. We suffer from selfhate therefore practice self distraction.
People who suffer from self distraction are.

👉🏿 those who have been mistreated for a longer time in their young years. They never knew love. Were never cuddled and are those who will always practice hate. Hence normalized the type of lifestyle enough to practice it

👉🏿 The narcissist, the real convert narcissist full of fear but will always impose it on the one they fear. The one who does it better than them but they will always put that person or group of people down. Projecting their mistakes, failures, fears on them.

👉🏿 They are mostly depressed and will never let you know they are. They will kill to make their environment look better than theirs. They will behave towards you as if they really love themselves but all is done out fear that you the genuine will never recognize.

👉🏿If they see love around people they will divide them just to make sure there is chaos. This chaos is their tool to now start dominating and impose help to those they have managed to force into fearfull situation.

If you remember your history well. Look around you and try to recognize this fear around you that you have never experienced when you grew up eating maputi around the fire in a village full of love.
We have cried about what South Africans went through before. Now we see that they have never healed from the suffering. It’s now their way of responding to any situation. Whenever things go the right way, the ‘”housenegro” is ready for his quick money again and is forever ready to take it on against his family.

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