That moment when we talk of they, and forget to see our contribution to the maintainance of what we are chronically sick from.

Living in Europe since 1994/5 gave me the opportunity to study the other side from a closer angle such that I could see where some became chronically dependant even mental wise.
Ignorance was now being projected into them shielding the ignorance of the privileged.
Do you al remember or recall seeing my sisters and brothers considering falling in love with a cau casian as an achievement? It is still happening to those without the right knowledge unfortunately, but those are the same people who become angry if they do not receive Handouts. Because humans are humans nothing should be more special really.
So the bottom line is. We are all victims at some point because the ones who were kept blind being told are PRIVILEGED. discovered much later sometimes too late that they
were being lied to. Such humans got SHOCKED when they met someone like me who is more than what they already know of what’s so called being highly intelligent or concious without their influence.
What a privileged human does when they see someone whom they grew up thinking or being told is POOR or poorly minded, is try them out and put them down, it is a Misson to them to stay and maintain their position. They cannot come to you and say well, I am poor myself, I am aggressive, or I am psychologically not balanced or stable. That’s why you see them compete, compare, or want to see above always. They rather go and fetch for information that beat yours to try and prove you wrong poorly because FEAR for failure is in them. Insecurities hidden.
Such people maintain certain habits to emasculate certain humans who they are scared of because they will otherwise take over or discover who the truly are.
Why are certain things being repeated and still certain humans keep accepting it. Its because without the maintaining of this narcissistic behaviour karanga we call it Mhiko.

They do not survive. Purely SHAME will kill such people as they are vulnerable to stress, mental illness. Their SOUL is fed by the FALL of another. Which clearly shows that they are more DEPENDANT than those they teach to be dependant.
It is time where ignorance is a choice. And it is time when not all will be saved mentally. We will have humans who will be defending the dependancy syndrome and we will have people who will normalise being abused. Just as those who normalize privileged behaviour not knowing that it kills when they come across humans who do better.
Written today half-moon, 09:45 in Netherlands. Unedited.
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Muchaneta nekuti hatina kufanana panezvose, asi kuremekedzana kuchatibatanidza

Why Colours represent A DIVERSITY BEHAVIOUR

A corner for HIGHLY CONCIOUS PEOPLE and those who are concious enough to learn

Colours provide diversity into your mind and behaviour. A lot here claim to be open-minded but Egocentric when life becomes hard.

Colours are


Colours are Not


Colours represent nature and if we are part of the nature and respect it like we claim to do. Why are we so seperated and scattered everywhere without minds yet uniting would be the only way to save ourselves?

My family and I in Zimbabwe 2019


It is important that noone sponsors you with a secret agenda

When you were once indoctrinated and you are awoke. How you feel SORRY for the indoctrinated being used and they think they are at a better position. I had a nice conversation with my friend yesterday about those people who are moving behind with 10 years before they start knowing how the Western people truly operate. How Caucasians look at you as an African or Asian, even someone from Middle East.
I have always been active in our Dutch society I am living in for 26 years even before I had children. I would come into newspapers because I always had something to say because of the “Love” I have for my people globally. I have worked for huge companies of the Netherlands such as Unilever and Smit International, Maersk and other huge shipping companies. Even small companies. Never have I worked as a civil servant even if I had the biggest chances to be one because of their good working hours, long holidays and allowances. I told myself, I can only be a Civil servant when I am old and need to settle down without having to think too much or be creative. I have never applied for any form of benefit. When I want to be a little bit more dependent I thought.Until I discovered that as long as you are still spiritually attached to Africa you will somehow struggle to be where you truly want to be in Europe unless you sign a contract with an organisation that will instruct you what to do.
Let me go back to my point. When I wanted to start a Non Profit Organisation. I got a lot of empowerment from the bank, and other organisations who were willing to promote my Organisation, when they saw that I was very much of an African origin with a patriotic mind yet very open-minded such that I managed to learn Dutch language and Culture in a very short period of time. They connected me with organisations that were already working together with Africa. I didn’t feel comfortable because of how these organisations operate. Before any organisation starts to EMPOWER you as an African Entrepeneur. Ask yourself what they want in the end, what is their benefit. If you are a true African and you recognize the struggle your people have been through and are still going through. You cannot put EGO and popularism upfront before asking yourself whether its a new form of Colonisation. You cannot keep selling your heritage for a personal gain through the back door. Yet some are struggling to maintain this for the nature for the future generation. Think about these people who are moving 10 years behind in knowing who these people truly are.We have been there and have been protected from doing stupid stuff for money, yet maintaining poverty within your family and people. I used to be the only African whom they would call, ” at least you are different” you are very clever. You can speak good Dutch. I found that annoying. There are certain things that you cannot expect me to do.

It is important that no-one ask you to

🔴 Tell a directed story about my African roots to suit certain circumstances yet I know what’s truly going on.

🔴 Work for a developmental program to EMPOWER my roots yet at the same time not truly informing me what’s your benefit looks like.

🔴 I cannot let you write my story without my consent not my awareness of the

🔴 Tell a directed story about my African roots to suit certain circumstances yet I know what’s truly going on.

🔴 Work for a developmental program to EMPOWER my roots yet at the same time not truly informing me what’s your benefit looks like.

🔴 I cannot let you write my story without my consent not my awareness of the consequences.

These are the days when women in business organised meetings and empowerment networking high tea's. Mostly financed by the council.

Freedom from Mental and Emotional Slavery

I just realised that these were the years when I was doing most things as a European. I cannot blame myself. Mwana washe muranda kumwe and for us to know what doesnt suit us, we have to build experience. I look happy, not 100 percent and I remember those extensions troubled me most. It was then a secret I only shared with myself and my husband as he was the one who helped me remove them, because whenever I went to the hairsalon to cover up my beautiful Afro, I would come home and my European husband would give me compliments.

I guess then those compliments added up into our relationship because the media. system, people and fashion industry used to encourage only long hair as the most beautiful, let alone thin women who looked straight without round bums.

I have then seen myself as a biggirl, who only wanted bigger sizes clothes especially to cover up my butt and breasts as there were no good size BH’s and underwears.

Can you imagine, a man that you are married to being the one determining your smile by saying a few things that can change your confidence? I wonder how many girls and women who suffered from Aneroxia and Bollimia because they wanted to please their husbands and the society.

I remember visiting my inlaws and their first compliment would be wow, you have lost weight. By then I would be wearing those tight synthetic underwears that brought my belly inside, at that moment I had just given birth through a ceasarean. I felt the pain of the tightness those underwears coursed on my belly. But everyone who didnt feel the pain was happy to see a thin European like woman married to their son or brother. Wearing long straight hair like them.

Since a few years, I have been free from these fake hair extensions. I feel very comfortable in my own hair even though I realize it grows slower because of the Westernized lifestyle.

  • Food
  • atmosphere
  • stress
  • hormones

I stood up for myself and forced myself to challenge my husband whether he is brainwashed to only accept women wearing long straight hair, because there was a time when I did Afro extensions and he didnt like it at all. I gave him a choice. To either go after a Dutch woman with natural straight hair and less round butt. It was a struggle. I was ready to move out for my comfort. I gave him choices as he met me with a life already. when we met I was a Ducth woman already by right and a Zimbabwean by right.


Starting to love yourself is not buying yourself things and have a lot of money. Starting to love ourselves is a pprocess. You cannot just write a paragraph and copy hashtag Selflove before truly practicing it. The process of loving yourself start by:

*Self confrontation

  • Self Criticism
  • Building Self confidence and more
  • Freeing yourself from mental slavery

I started to smile from inside and nowadays even if I do not show my teeth you can see or feel the piece inside me.

Enough people come on my profile to ask me, how come I can do what I do and my husband is content or seem ok with that.
Its not an easy task. Its a whole process to start practicing self love whilst maintaining your dignity.


I am offering a free seminar via Zoom.

All you need to install on your gadget is Zoom App. contact me and provide your email addres or phone number.
We gather as a group of people from your own home or place where you are. We make this appointment and start this seminar. I realise My facebook videos and audios do not reach the right people who are truly in need of this help.

My Interracial relations


Bereka® Art Of African Ethnic Carrying Culture®

Difference between a WESTERNIZED parent and the one still practicing Carrying Culture

Whilst we were researching on the differences between a Western parent a d an African origin parents,we detected huge differences in their pelvis. Western parents were discouraged to carry their babies. Their Posture did change. Whereas an African parent who always has carried and has been carried has a stronger pelvis.

Whilst we were researching on the differences between a Western parent and an African origin parents, we detected huge differences in their pelvis. Western parents were discouraged to carry their babies. Their Posture did change. Whereas an African parent who always has carried and has been carried has a stronger pelvis.

Thats why you see that an african child can easily flexibly mve their pelvis whilst dancing. The effects of ot being carried are in our tutorial Mbereko book for schools and colleges

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The meaning of WORDS

What we say about us, ourselves and others is powerful

Our words resonate with our wishes and goals.
There is a thin line between what you wish for and what will happen. Each time we feed our mind with certain words. We are becoming those words.
Its not for nothing that the world is divided into different types of humans yet we were born to feel in a certain way. What makes others feel different from others?
A good example is when one says to you, we have a lot luxury, we are blessed humans. At the same time the same person says to you.
You should be grateful to be around us. We can imagine you want nothing to do with your origins where you went through such ……. it can be anything. But looking at it. A lot has happened in African countries and a lot of people migrated to so called greener pastures.
The people in these so called greener pastures behave is such a way that they are the paradise. You have been served from all the abuse, hunger, heat, poor families. You and the privileged may now help.
Well seriously?
From the moment you believe you are

Your whole vocabulary and behaviour is now revived around that world where you become needy for help. You become a dependant human. This dependance syndrome will not only be the need for handouts, you become dependant in the ways of thinking too.
You won’t look at or imagine yourself as a CREATIVE human who may help another human no matter in which state.
Remember how dependant people worship money.
They think money solves everything. Without a cent they get stressed, they now cannot do anything else with their mind as if money thinks for them.
Its all about the words we do allow ourselves to describe us.
I have e lived with DUTCH people form 30 years now rounded off from 27 years.
I know their ways inside out.
I used to think that they are very helpful people always wishing Africa well, sending old clothes and all other old things they were no longer using. I remember when I was with friends, they always saw the need to help me or give me something.
I was very quick with asking myself why they feel good after helping the so called poor.
Until I came across certain maintained festives that litterally made a human like me look even more ridiculous, stupid, poor and non creative.
Imagine how such is imposed onto kids when young so that they grow up with a mentality that divides them from other humans?
Now that we are out there where some of us know the truth behind this maintenance of poverty. We look at some people who think a handouts is a blessing.
It is important for the teachers around the world who are highly concious to start practicing differently in order for the humans to see what it is they are learning about WORDS.
The meaning behind and the power of demeaning yourself and people around you
It is important too for people to overstand the power behind those who always praise themselves. Its not a concidence.


Me keeping reminding you about colonialism, neo colonialism and slavery (neo slavery) is not because I pity myself.
Its because it is reality.
Today its being practiced by people wearing same skin colour using the same agenda as before. In this case its not mattering which colour really.

That’s why I rather choose to deal with every colour as long as they are awoken in above mentioned aspects. Though I know that when one has a PRIVILEGED BASE. Its hard for them to bow down for the one whom they were told they are superior towards.
Let me explain why the non privileged would do it even worse.
Remember the education we were given?
It taught us to
⚫ reward
🔵 compete
⚪feel superior
🟡 discriminat

Why are now in the world where Empathy is only practiced by a few individuals?
Why are we in the world where the software is controlled by those who do ot want people to know the truth about themselves.
Why are we not allowed to catch the right information that tells us to be good and not be Selective.
We are now moving towards a world where those those who thought or still feek are *educated* like education has been set so far feel inferior and that kills especially when you haven’t managed to adjust to the unpacked truth about what you have been learning so far.
Is that not already another revolutionary moment where humans are being seperated?
Who is who today? What do you respect most? So far I personally never thought of any side to chose. I never thought of being different than others. I have always treated humans as humans moving with the flow until the day I felt racism hitting my face.
At forst I never thought of defending myself because I am that kind ofna person who look for good excuses to defend other people’s behaviour.
I would say for example.
“I do not think she meant it bad in the first place” I would even come up withnsome theories to save someone’s life yet without realising its been done intentionally.