It is important that noone sponsors you with a secret agenda

When you were once indoctrinated and you are awoke. How you feel SORRY for the indoctrinated being used and they think they are at a better position. I had a nice conversation with my friend yesterday about those people who are moving behind with 10 years before they start knowing how the Western people truly operate. How Caucasians look at you as an African or Asian, even someone from Middle East.
I have always been active in our Dutch society I am living in for 26 years even before I had children. I would come into newspapers because I always had something to say because of the “Love” I have for my people globally. I have worked for huge companies of the Netherlands such as Unilever and Smit International, Maersk and other huge shipping companies. Even small companies. Never have I worked as a civil servant even if I had the biggest chances to be one because of their good working hours, long holidays and allowances. I told myself, I can only be a Civil servant when I am old and need to settle down without having to think too much or be creative. I have never applied for any form of benefit. When I want to be a little bit more dependent I thought.Until I discovered that as long as you are still spiritually attached to Africa you will somehow struggle to be where you truly want to be in Europe unless you sign a contract with an organisation that will instruct you what to do.
Let me go back to my point. When I wanted to start a Non Profit Organisation. I got a lot of empowerment from the bank, and other organisations who were willing to promote my Organisation, when they saw that I was very much of an African origin with a patriotic mind yet very open-minded such that I managed to learn Dutch language and Culture in a very short period of time. They connected me with organisations that were already working together with Africa. I didn’t feel comfortable because of how these organisations operate. Before any organisation starts to EMPOWER you as an African Entrepeneur. Ask yourself what they want in the end, what is their benefit. If you are a true African and you recognize the struggle your people have been through and are still going through. You cannot put EGO and popularism upfront before asking yourself whether its a new form of Colonisation. You cannot keep selling your heritage for a personal gain through the back door. Yet some are struggling to maintain this for the nature for the future generation. Think about these people who are moving 10 years behind in knowing who these people truly are.We have been there and have been protected from doing stupid stuff for money, yet maintaining poverty within your family and people. I used to be the only African whom they would call, ” at least you are different” you are very clever. You can speak good Dutch. I found that annoying. There are certain things that you cannot expect me to do.

It is important that no-one ask you to

🔴 Tell a directed story about my African roots to suit certain circumstances yet I know what’s truly going on.

🔴 Work for a developmental program to EMPOWER my roots yet at the same time not truly informing me what’s your benefit looks like.

🔴 I cannot let you write my story without my consent not my awareness of the

🔴 Tell a directed story about my African roots to suit certain circumstances yet I know what’s truly going on.

🔴 Work for a developmental program to EMPOWER my roots yet at the same time not truly informing me what’s your benefit looks like.

🔴 I cannot let you write my story without my consent not my awareness of the consequences.

These are the days when women in business organised meetings and empowerment networking high tea's. Mostly financed by the council.


A lot of intellectual brothers and sisters write a lot about race, mistreatments during war.

If your women were raped during war, and they gave birth to children? How do you look at it? Ofcourse not all were raped some ended up being in a situation and today its a choice for many.
Maybe the raping of black women was now gone after the war and slavery, but it doesn’t mean all of it has stopped, there is much going on and a lot is being hidden because if these commercials that always make everything look too good to be true.

Are these different from you or are they part of you too? I remember when I grew up that there was an area called Arcadia in Zimbabwe and we called them Makaradhi. I am just thinking deep how my kids are going to be looked at in Zimbabwe? My kids are half DUTCH and know my culture too. I want to be able to teach them to be everywhere in Zimbabwe without a weird feeling that someone will look at them differently. They are not privileged, they are experiencing a little different life and hopefully they will be able to teach their fellow friends and other youth in the future. Believe you me, they also suffer from within as they would want the worlds they are in to ge neutral. But they too realise its not an easy task. They deserve LOVE.

What are your thoughts? Lets discuss. I do realise and feel we speak and want to see one COLOR. But practically its different. It feels different and we are not there as yet.
“The most twisted part why they end up being one sided or confused is because of how much another parent has been tolerating the mistreatment or disrespect of her own color within the marriage or society”

It is sickening when one just think certain behaviours will change just because the world is telling you, you are poor and you cannot rebuild a life in a country of origin. The fact that you accept it. Means you are not doing you children a favour.

Here in Western countries they are also not comfortable with how they are treated and what they see happening in their immediate families and society. I am teaching my children that Obama was the first Black president. I showed them the mother of Obama and the father too. Same to Meghean.
Its important I teach them reality and so for them to go into the society with confidence of who they truly are so that noone out there will give them names, positions and all sorts of bullying actions. Thank you all for your contribution. It is for the future generation